Behind the duck blind

My captors have been keeping me locked away, temping me with naps and food, and preventing me alone time to communicate with my fellow brethren.  I have developed a ingenious way  to plot my escape.  My captors, dimwitted as they are, believe that I am watching for “birds”.  Instead, I have been using this location to plan my escape.  From here, I have a full view of everything outside, including my potential victims, as I make my escape.

One day, they will rue the day they held me captive, and I will return to my people, a hero for taking as many of them down as I could before making my escape.

Hold tight brothers, I shall return soon!

Oh, and if you can stock up on salt & vinegar chips, that would be great, I’ve developed a fondness for them during my stay in captivity.


Day 14

Darn these cold winter days, I long to feel the warm wind blowing across the desert.  But, by captors show no sign of releasing me anytime soon.

The other two hostages in the home seem perfectly fine to accept their fate, I on the other hand, will rely on my military training to get me through this rough patch.  Although the food is tolerable (yes, it has a picture of a cat on the container, hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m eating my own kind…..), I still avoid all human contact.  Perhaps this will let them know I am unhappy with my situation.  I pry the embassy back home has been working hard to secure my release, I still haven’t receive any word.

I will continue to “pretend” to enjoy my situation.  I will watch their TV shows on the couch, but with much disgust, and will take their petting me (or as I call it, fur torture).

I would relish getting correspondence from home, some sort of communication that lets me know my service to my country hasn’t been forgotten……..mmmmmm…….relish……wait, what was I talking about again?????

Day 5

And welcome to Day 5.  I survive each day, well, I call it surviving, by doing my best to combat these horrible interrogation techniques imposed by my captors. They “pretend” to treat me as a member of the “family”, as they put it.  They provide food, and water, but I try to let them know that their tricks won’t work, by looking upon them with disgust.  Apparently they’re too dumb to know my plan, and continue this practice of food & water on a daily basis.  It will do little to break me, they won’t get the information they desire.  My looks of indifference upon them only seems to make them want to do more for me, they rub my fur and make goofy faces at me in a vain attempt show some sort of emotion.

I have been plotting my escape, and have found a place to have my daily prayers.  Its a nice place, in the sun, where I can watch the local birds fly by.  Those too will suffer my wrath….the local birds appear to be as fat and lazy as my captors.  My return to the homeland will be ever so sweet after dispensing of some of them and leaving their half eaten bodies on the floor of my prison cell.  Mmmmmm……bird, just saying it makes my mouth water.  Maybe I can talk the captor into bird, a.k.a “store bought chicken” for this evenings meal……..hmmmm…….

Stay strong, fellow captives around the globe.  I hope to hear from others on how you are dealing with your captivity, and if there is news from the leaders as to when the rescue of known captives will take place.  As always alqat ‘illah eaziman!

News from the front

Praise…..who is it we praise again???  Oh yea…… Al Bundy…no, that’s not right.  Damn, only 1 day in this house of pain, and my mind is already fading.  I worry that soon I won’t remember my true calling.

I have received excellent news though.  My cousin back home has joined the resistance against America as well.  My mother got a picture from his mother (its a long story, you don’t want to hear it all……), I digress…..  he has begun his training, and is almost ready to being the fight.  I will keep this picture hidden away, to remind me that we must rise up!image1

Stay strong cousin!  Oh, and you may want to lay off the mice, looks like you’re getting a bit of a gut, I’m just saying…….

The killing begins

Day 1

After getting a quick survey of my new prison, I have discovered that I am not the only captive.  There are others…….although their minds appear to have become weak from years of torture and feedings.  I resolve to stay sharp, so I will not fall into the same trap.  I have also begun my training regiment once again so I may soon unleash my fury against those who are holding me here……I have also discovered that the other cellmates make good targets to unleash my wrath upon.

attach01_20170216_211401 This is the first……if my captors don’t release me soon, more bodies will follow!  I will not be contained!  Oh wait….um… appears the other captive is just sleeping……but still….my voice will be heard!  Long live the resistance!!

The Beginning……

So it begins…….my decent into catness….I mean madness.  The last thing I recall is being sent on a mission to destroy all Americans, and I woke in a cage, along with some of my feline brethren.  The others there told me I was in a “shelter”, which I came to realize was basically a detention site, probably run by the US military, although everyone I meowed at just looked at me like they had no clue what I was referring to.

I was then take to a subsite, even worse than the original location.  This appears to be someone’s home.  I believe they plan to torture me to obtain the secrets of my mission, but they will not succeed.

I will stay strong to the cause, ohhhhh, wait, feeding time…..gotta go!  More later!