Day 14

Darn these cold winter days, I long to feel the warm wind blowing across the desert.  But, by captors show no sign of releasing me anytime soon.

The other two hostages in the home seem perfectly fine to accept their fate, I on the other hand, will rely on my military training to get me through this rough patch.  Although the food is tolerable (yes, it has a picture of a cat on the container, hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m eating my own kind…..), I still avoid all human contact.  Perhaps this will let them know I am unhappy with my situation.  I pry the embassy back home has been working hard to secure my release, I still haven’t receive any word.

I will continue to “pretend” to enjoy my situation.  I will watch their TV shows on the couch, but with much disgust, and will take their petting me (or as I call it, fur torture).

I would relish getting correspondence from home, some sort of communication that lets me know my service to my country hasn’t been forgotten……..mmmmmm…….relish……wait, what was I talking about again?????