Day 5

And welcome to Day 5.  I survive each day, well, I call it surviving, by doing my best to combat these horrible interrogation techniques imposed by my captors. They “pretend” to treat me as a member of the “family”, as they put it.  They provide food, and water, but I try to let them know that their tricks won’t work, by looking upon them with disgust.  Apparently they’re too dumb to know my plan, and continue this practice of food & water on a daily basis.  It will do little to break me, they won’t get the information they desire.  My looks of indifference upon them only seems to make them want to do more for me, they rub my fur and make goofy faces at me in a vain attempt show some sort of emotion.

I have been plotting my escape, and have found a place to have my daily prayers.  Its a nice place, in the sun, where I can watch the local birds fly by.  Those too will suffer my wrath….the local birds appear to be as fat and lazy as my captors.  My return to the homeland will be ever so sweet after dispensing of some of them and leaving their half eaten bodies on the floor of my prison cell.  Mmmmmm……bird, just saying it makes my mouth water.  Maybe I can talk the captor into bird, a.k.a “store bought chicken” for this evenings meal……..hmmmm…….

Stay strong, fellow captives around the globe.  I hope to hear from others on how you are dealing with your captivity, and if there is news from the leaders as to when the rescue of known captives will take place.  As always alqat ‘illah eaziman!